St. Nicholas this week – Nov 4th

God Bless all who read this;
Two miracles this Sunday, the woman wit the issue of blood and the raising of Jairus’ daughter -a tale of two faiths.
We will have a Trisagion for members of the Nimmer/Ratas families during Divine Liturgy. The family will serve a light luncheon afterwards.
We would like to begin again our toy drive this year. Could someone please volunteer for this? The most need is for children 12-16 years of age. Kapco receives a lot of gifts for younger children. Parents who have children these ages please ask them what sort of things they would recommend. Thank you.
We also need someone to handle the Christmas Decoration of the Church this year. We will decorate the Church on December 12th this year.
Last month, Allan & Kathryn Jablonsky with the assistance of Mark McQuide took in 199 pounds of food to the Ozaukee Food Pantry. Please remember to bring in food stuff for the Pantry and also for the Children’s Program as outlined by Nicki Usinger. God Bless your generosity!
Divine Liturgy this week Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. for the Feast of St. Nektarios.
Bulletin attached.
BIRTHDAYS: Tomorrow Kh. Maria Valentine, 8-Connie Janis, 9-Fr. Ignatius Valentine, Luke Mamalakis, 10-Dick Grote, 11-Mona Hanna, 13-Jim Spice
WEDDINGS: 6th Peter & Dori Panagis, 11-Dick & Pam Grote+, 13-Arthur & Marcia Nimmer
NAMEDAYS 8-Archangels: Michael Cook, Michael Huber, Michael Jammal, Michael Shammo, Mitch Ticoras, Gabriella Usinger, Kh. Linda 9-St. Nektarios: Dori Panagis, Fr. David
God Bless you all, God willing we’ll see everyone on Sunday.
Your servant,
Fr. David