St. Nicholas this week – Dec 18 2019

God Bless all who read this;
We are fast approaching the Nativity. Tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. we will have our last Paraklesis service to the Theotokos. If you can make it please do so, it will help set the frame of mind and soul for the hectic weekend that is coming.
Many have asked about Allan Jablonsky. Some may know that he completely lost his voice Monday morning. They are doing therapy on him for his voice and throat and that was affected. They did not call it another stroke but “an extension” of the original one. However his mental faculties are excellent and he communicates by writing notes. Today while I was there, they got him out of his chair and he walked with assistance to the hallway outside of his room -pretty good for the first time. Kathryn remains strong in all of this. My brothers and sisters, let’s all pray for a miracle this Christmas, that Allan will be given his voice back. Right now he is still in ICU at Freodert Menomonee Falls but I suspect he may be transferred back to Linda Grove soon for more intensive therapy.
Please keep a woman named Pat in your prayers. She passed away this morning and had been suffering from cancer for a few years. She was a close friend of Cal & Peggy. Memory Eternal!
I will ave a sign up sheet on the bulletin board for readers for Christmas eve Liturgy. We need a total of 6. We can always use acolytes that evening. We are beginning at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday December 24th. It would be a great pleasure to have some of the young men serve at the altar with me on Christmas and the Sundays that they are home. Please consider this guys.
New Kitchen schedule is out (thank you Katherine!) and I am and working on the new  Chanter/readers schedule, since Allan fell sick there is going to be a shortage of readers, however one person have stepped up so far to fill some of his Sunday schedules.
Children’s Christmas Tableau this Sunday at coffee hour  Sunday. Please thank MaryBeth and the teachers for all of their hard and important work this semester.
Also Kh. Linda’s new e-mail is
Saturday Great Vespers: Arthur Nimmer
Sunday Orthros; NEEDED
Acolytes: David Olnhausen & ??
Epistle: Kh. Dianna
Ushers: Stephanie Dodge, Chris Wood
Prosphora: Moga
Coffee: Zoe Ganos, Katherine de Shazer, Kristen & Wilfred de Junco, Bill Dodge
God Bless all of you.
Your servant,
Fr. David
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