St. Nicholas this weekend

God Bless who read this!
Tonight at 7:00 p.m. we are again having the small Paraklesis service to the Holy Theotokos. We had a good attendance on Wednesday evening and look forward to more attending in preparation for the Holy Dormition this coming week.
There has ben interest from those coming back from the camps to sing more in the camp style. I am very open to this -however the catch is that we need the campers both former and those who just returned to help us out. We need for the campers to help us with this. Which means that we need to have them at Divine Liturgy on time (like they did at camp). One of the first things we could begin doing is the responses in the languages used at camp. I am told that the best manner to communicate now is with texting, so could someone please forward this is a text to ANYONE who has ever been to either of the camps. Thank you.
I am also attaching the new volunteers list, which are also available in printed form at the back of the Church.
Volunteers this weekend:
Saturday Great Vespers: Cal McIntyre
Sunday Orthros: Cindi & Mike Huber
Acolytes: David Olnhausen, Ben Elchert
Epistle Reader: Cindy Figgatt
Ushers: Stephanie Dodge, David Schafer
Coffee: Marquard & Devine Families
 Come pray tonight.
Your servant,
Fr. David
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