St. Nicholas this week – Oct 10th

God Bless all who read this;
This is longer because we have so much going on.
Tonight we will have the third installment fo A Journey to Fullness. God Bless those who have attended. Please invite someone and bring them tonight.
We will be moving towards an 8:15 a.m. beginning time for Sunday Orthros the weekend the Bishop is here. This is in order to accommodate all the prayers that are to be said before Divine Liturgy. Stewardship is coming up and we really could use some more Sunday and Saturday readers, so please pray about offering your time, God given talents and soul for the benefit of His Glory. Please remember that nothing is ours, it is all given to us by God. Pray about this.
Our industrial freezer died this week. (RIP) Your Council has decided not to invest in the repair costs as they could run from $6-800.00 and there are some parts (which are still working) but if they go out cannot be replaced. We got good use out of it and it was a used piece of equipment. We will begin a new search so if someone knows someone who knows someone please let one of the Council members know. Thanks you.
We will have a very brief presentation for Arthur Nimmer this weekend regarding the Order of St. Ignatius. Some of you reading this are members of that Order. The members of the Order will serve at coffee hour on December 8th. Ideally the Order is to wear their red ribbons and read the Epistle during the month of December as that is the month of St. Ignatius. We are working on that. Cal and Arthur are spearheading this revitalization fo the Order here at St. Nicholas. Thanks gentlemen.
Please get your responses in for the 30th Anniversary Banquet on Saturday Evening November 2nd. Cheryl Haska will speak briefly on Sunday regarding the Banquet. If anyone is not attending due to cost of the Banquet, please see Fr. David. 
Because the Feast of St. Raphael of Brooklyn (the Patron of the Archdiocese)  falls on Saturday November 2nd, His Grace has requested that we do Great Vespers Friday Evening and Divine Liturgy with Orthros  Saturday morning.
Friday Evening we will have Great Vespers at 6:00 p.m. so that more people can attend. Saturday morning regular (new) times of 8:15 a.m. for Orthros and 9:30 for Divine Liturgy. We can use readers and acolytes.
Next Sunday October 27th is Fall clean up day. Please plan on staying after coffee hour to help. I can do some of the brass during the week so we can keep the kitchen free from the mess.
For those who are going to be “alone” on Thanksgiving, thanks to Elizabeth-Heyer Devine, we will be sponsoring a Thanksgiving Day meal at St. Nicholas. More on this to follow and a sign up sheet will be posted. So if you have no plans for T-day here is a great option to be among your Spiritual family. No cost.
NO MATINS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 23rd. Both Fr. David and Fr. Bill will be traveling. NO Journey to Fullness that Thursday OCTOBER 24th. Fr. David will be in Akron for a Deanery Meeting and Clergy Retreat.
Volunteers this weekend
Saturday Vespers – Kh. Linda
Sunday Orthros Readers: Cal McIntyre, Subdeacon Jim
Acolytes: Subdeacon Jim & ??
Epistle Reader: Peter Panagis
Ushers: Mary Kachoyeannos & Kim Treptow
Prosphora: Kh. Linda
Coffee: Sophia Schafer, Kh. Linda, Faye Shammo
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