St. Nicholas this week – Jan 15 2030

God Bless all who read this;
My apologies for not getting this out earlier but my keyboard needed to be replaced.
Some of you already know, but Archpriest Patrick Kinder passed away last night about 6;30 p.m. at home with his family. Memory Eternal!. Many of you had the opportunity to get to know Fr. Patrick, Kh. Vanessa and their son Anthony, through Camp St. George (IOWA!). The family had been here a few times before moving to Louisville.He was ordained here at St. Nicholas and Fr. Bill was one of his sponsors to the priesthood. So far there are varying accounts as to the time and day of the funeral. Once I know I will pass the information along. We will have a Trisagion this Sunday during Divine Liturgy.
Allan continues to improve and has been working diligently at recovery. All of our holiday travelers are back with Stephen and Vicky the last to come home.
Great Blessing of the waters-OUTDOORS. We have a dilemma as many people were not in church last week due to the cataclysmic, apocalyptic, world ending storm that never was. So this Sunday we have Cal MIntyre’s 80th birthday at coffee hour, the following week is our annual Business meeting and Hot Dog Sunday (January 26th ) and the following Sunday is the Feast of the Presentation  of Christ in the Temple. So we will do the outdoor blessing that day. It is actually the Feast the closes the Nativity cycle as we are going back to days after His birth on this Feast. MaryBeth and the school children thank you for adjusting your classes accordingly.
Signs will be posted at the front doors to please try to removes as much salt from your shoes as possible. We salt as far up as the solea last week. Understandably we have not had t worry about he snow until now.
If you have volunteered and are scheduled to serve in any capacity at a service please call a substitute rather than not just show up. Thank you.
Volunteers this weekend:
Great Vespers: Arthur Nimmer

Sunday: Matins Readers – Cal McIntyre, Subdeacon Jim

Acolytes – Subdeacon Jim & ? 
Epistle – Jeff Figgatt
 Ushers – Stephanie Dodge, Mary Kachoyeanos 
Prosphora – McIntyre-Olnhausen
Coffee Hour – Zoe Ganos, Katherine de Shazer, Kristen & Wilfred de Junco, Bill Dodge
 God willing we’ll see you all on Sunday.
Fr. David

St. Nicholas this week – Jan 9 2030

God Bless all who read this;
“The Doors, The Doors!!” We are blessed to have the Royal Doors complete and in place. God Bless you Katherine for your hard work – you have blessed the parish for generations to come. The Royal Doors typically have the Annunciation on them. When the doors are opened the Kingdom is opened for us all to enter into proper worship at the altar of God, into the heavenly Kingdom.
Allan continues to improve and rumors have it he may be coming home in a few weeks.
This morning at the Syndesmos meeting we (St. Nicholas Church) were asked to host the Sunday of Orthodoxy on March 8, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.. Fr. Bill was chosen to give the homily.
OCWA (Orthodox Christina Women’s Association) Scholarship Dinner Thursday February 20th. Fr. Ciprian Sas from Annunciation Church is the guest speaker.
Please do not forget the IOCC Fundraiser February 1, 2020 at Ss.. Constantine & Helen Church. This too is considered a Pan-Orthodox event. Bring a friend and mark the dates for all of these events.
Snow this weekend: Ok so we have managed to “dodge the bullet” but this weekend looks like we are going to get something. I should manage to get into town for services this weekend, and unless you hear otherwise everything is being planned as taking place unless I send out a mail Saturday evening. However, please use common sense in trying to get to Divine Liturgy on Sunday. If the intention of your heart was to come and worship Him, He who knows all things understands, and is merciful.
Saturday Evening Great Vespers: Cal McIntyre
Sunday Orthros: Cindi & Mike Huber
Acolytes: David Olnhausen & ?
Epistle: Cindy Figgatt
Ushers: David & Sophia Schafer
Prosphora: Zoe Ganos (Zoe I am using the one in the freezer)
Coffee: Melody Dawood, Faye Mansour, Kh. Linda

St. Nicholas this week – Jan 2 2020

God Bless all who read this;
Blessed New Year to everyone! I know many have gone back to work and school, I pray the respite was good for your souls.
Please keep some men named Michel and another named Hanna in your prayers. Also Allan continues to amaze everyone -see prayer works. His speech is coming along as is his left side mobility. Marcia, is doing much better. Please keep Eddie & Jean in your prayers, it has been a rough time for them.
New Volunteers list out in the back of the Church, many thanks to those who have stepped forth as new volunteers and to those who continue to serve. Orthodoxy is not meant to be a “priest only” ministry but the entire community is to be involved. So God abundantly bless your ministries -yes it is a ministry to serve at Liturgical services.
Royal Hours this Friday (3rd) at 9:00 a.m. if you can come please do so in preparation for the Theophany. We are going to celebrate the Feast of the Theophany this weekend, beginning with Royal Hours on Friday, Great Vespers on Saturday and the actual Feast with the Great Blessing of the waters on Sunday. The actual feast falls on Monday but we have the pastoral option to move it to Sunday  – which we are doing so that everyone may attend. We’ll do the outdoor blessing the following week (weather permitting). If you have empty Holy Water bottles at home, please bring them to be filled.
Sunday for the Great Blessing of the Water we cold use a reader. Please let me know. Copies of the prayers will be in the back of the Church, these are beautiful prayers and if you wish take these home and use them during the year.
Peggy McIntyre is hosting a lunch for Cal’s 80th Birthday on January 19th. Please sign up on the bulletin board so she knows how much food to order.
House Blessings begin after the Theophany, please sign up or see Fr. David. Please do not wait until the last few weeks to sign up. Please see the newsletter as to why we bless our homes.
Thank you from both Fr. Bill, Kh. Dianna Kh. Linda and myself for the Christmas cards and gifts that you gave to us. They are greatly appreciated and we are blessed by everyone.
Saturday Great Vespers: Kh. Linda
Sunday Orthros: Cal McIntyre & Subdeacon Jim
Acolytes: Chris Panagis, Shafiq Kassees
Epistle: Lew Herro
Ushers: Dianna Sjoberg, David Olnhausen
Prosphora: I need to check the list!! but thanks we have plenty now in the freezer.
Coffee Hour: Kh. Dianna, Cal McIntyre, Nancy Sommer
God Bless your day!
Your servant,
Fr. David
P.S. Richard Travis God Grant You Many Years on your Birthday today!!

St. Nicholas this week – Dec 18 2019

God Bless all who read this;
We are fast approaching the Nativity. Tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. we will have our last Paraklesis service to the Theotokos. If you can make it please do so, it will help set the frame of mind and soul for the hectic weekend that is coming.
Many have asked about Allan Jablonsky. Some may know that he completely lost his voice Monday morning. They are doing therapy on him for his voice and throat and that was affected. They did not call it another stroke but “an extension” of the original one. However his mental faculties are excellent and he communicates by writing notes. Today while I was there, they got him out of his chair and he walked with assistance to the hallway outside of his room -pretty good for the first time. Kathryn remains strong in all of this. My brothers and sisters, let’s all pray for a miracle this Christmas, that Allan will be given his voice back. Right now he is still in ICU at Freodert Menomonee Falls but I suspect he may be transferred back to Linda Grove soon for more intensive therapy.
Please keep a woman named Pat in your prayers. She passed away this morning and had been suffering from cancer for a few years. She was a close friend of Cal & Peggy. Memory Eternal!
I will ave a sign up sheet on the bulletin board for readers for Christmas eve Liturgy. We need a total of 6. We can always use acolytes that evening. We are beginning at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday December 24th. It would be a great pleasure to have some of the young men serve at the altar with me on Christmas and the Sundays that they are home. Please consider this guys.
New Kitchen schedule is out (thank you Katherine!) and I am and working on the new  Chanter/readers schedule, since Allan fell sick there is going to be a shortage of readers, however one person have stepped up so far to fill some of his Sunday schedules.
Children’s Christmas Tableau this Sunday at coffee hour  Sunday. Please thank MaryBeth and the teachers for all of their hard and important work this semester.
Also Kh. Linda’s new e-mail is
Saturday Great Vespers: Arthur Nimmer
Sunday Orthros; NEEDED
Acolytes: David Olnhausen & ??
Epistle: Kh. Dianna
Ushers: Stephanie Dodge, Chris Wood
Prosphora: Moga
Coffee: Zoe Ganos, Katherine de Shazer, Kristen & Wilfred de Junco, Bill Dodge
God Bless all of you.
Your servant,
Fr. David

St. Nicholas this week – Dec 4 2019

God Bless all who read this;
Please remember that Thursday Evening at 6:30 p.m. we will be celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas. This is our patron who has always responded to out prayer requests. Please fast from after your lunch until the reception of the Holy Gifts tomorrow.
Friday morning on the actual Feast Day we will also have Festival Matins for the Feast. All are invited to come. Friday Evening at 7:00 p.m. we are also praying the Advent Paraklesis to the Most holy Theotokos. It is another way that we can prepare for the Feast of the Nativity besides our almsgiving and fasting.
There will be a basket marked for the Ozaukee Food Pantry at the back of the Church for St. Nicholas Day donations to help feed the hungry. All monies go to the Ozaukee Food Pantry.
Speaking of food we are only 67#’s of food short of last year’s food collections! We can do this so please remember between now and December 31st to bring in a can or two of food! God Bless your donations and sacrifices to the needy.
Please keep Randy Sobczyk’s father in your prayers, his father entered hospice care today. Randy is the father of Eleana and husband of Lisa.
December 15th is decorating the Church and December 22nd is the children’s program.
Fasting continues through Christmas Eve.
Gret Vespers: Kh. Linda
Orthros: Mike & Cindi Huber (welcome back!)
Acolytes: Subdeacon Jim & ??
Epistle: NEEDED
Ushers: David Schafer, Nancy Sommer
Prosphora: Jablonsky
Coffee: Kh. Dianna, Nancy Sommer

St. Nicholas this week/Memory Eternal! – Oct 31st

God Bless all who read this mail;

Steve Gaveras died peacefully this morning about 11:10 as the prayers were being offered for his soul. Tuesday he was given the Holy Eucharist and asked me to pray with him as he took my hand, and led me in the Our Father. May his memory be eternal!

We are cancelling the program this evening due to the road conditions. It seems a little heavier in Brookfield, but the roads here in OZ are not in great shape. God willing we’ll resume next week.

Once again I am publishing the schedule for this weekend:
Friday November 1st

  • 6:00 p.m. Great Vespers for St. Raphael of Brooklyn*
  • Parish Council Dinner with Bishop follows.

Saturday November 2nd

  • 8:15 a.m. Orthros
  • 9:30 p.m. Divine Liturgy for St. Raphael of Brooklyn*
  • 3:00 p.m. Meet n’ Greet with Bishop Anthony
  • 5:00 p.m. Hierarchal Great Vespers
  • 6:15 p.m. Appetizers, Dinner & Dance Cedarburg – Cedarburg Cultural Center

Sunday November 3rd

  • 8:15 a.m. Orthros
  • 9:30 a.m. Hierarchal Divine Liturgy
  • Pot Luck Coffee Hour after with Bishop Anthony

*St. Raphael of Brooklyn is our Archdiocese Patron Saint.

Saturday night is Daylight Savings time. This is always a good weekend because everyone arrives on time
Please note that we are beginning Orthros at 8:15 a.m. this Saturday and continuing forward. This way we’ll be close to if not right on time with Divine Liturgy. So please plan accordingly.

God Bless everyone,
Your servant,
Fr. David

St. Nicholas this week – Oct 10th

God Bless all who read this;
This is longer because we have so much going on.
Tonight we will have the third installment fo A Journey to Fullness. God Bless those who have attended. Please invite someone and bring them tonight.
We will be moving towards an 8:15 a.m. beginning time for Sunday Orthros the weekend the Bishop is here. This is in order to accommodate all the prayers that are to be said before Divine Liturgy. Stewardship is coming up and we really could use some more Sunday and Saturday readers, so please pray about offering your time, God given talents and soul for the benefit of His Glory. Please remember that nothing is ours, it is all given to us by God. Pray about this.
Our industrial freezer died this week. (RIP) Your Council has decided not to invest in the repair costs as they could run from $6-800.00 and there are some parts (which are still working) but if they go out cannot be replaced. We got good use out of it and it was a used piece of equipment. We will begin a new search so if someone knows someone who knows someone please let one of the Council members know. Thanks you.
We will have a very brief presentation for Arthur Nimmer this weekend regarding the Order of St. Ignatius. Some of you reading this are members of that Order. The members of the Order will serve at coffee hour on December 8th. Ideally the Order is to wear their red ribbons and read the Epistle during the month of December as that is the month of St. Ignatius. We are working on that. Cal and Arthur are spearheading this revitalization fo the Order here at St. Nicholas. Thanks gentlemen.
Please get your responses in for the 30th Anniversary Banquet on Saturday Evening November 2nd. Cheryl Haska will speak briefly on Sunday regarding the Banquet. If anyone is not attending due to cost of the Banquet, please see Fr. David. 
Because the Feast of St. Raphael of Brooklyn (the Patron of the Archdiocese)  falls on Saturday November 2nd, His Grace has requested that we do Great Vespers Friday Evening and Divine Liturgy with Orthros  Saturday morning.
Friday Evening we will have Great Vespers at 6:00 p.m. so that more people can attend. Saturday morning regular (new) times of 8:15 a.m. for Orthros and 9:30 for Divine Liturgy. We can use readers and acolytes.
Next Sunday October 27th is Fall clean up day. Please plan on staying after coffee hour to help. I can do some of the brass during the week so we can keep the kitchen free from the mess.
For those who are going to be “alone” on Thanksgiving, thanks to Elizabeth-Heyer Devine, we will be sponsoring a Thanksgiving Day meal at St. Nicholas. More on this to follow and a sign up sheet will be posted. So if you have no plans for T-day here is a great option to be among your Spiritual family. No cost.
NO MATINS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 23rd. Both Fr. David and Fr. Bill will be traveling. NO Journey to Fullness that Thursday OCTOBER 24th. Fr. David will be in Akron for a Deanery Meeting and Clergy Retreat.
Volunteers this weekend
Saturday Vespers – Kh. Linda
Sunday Orthros Readers: Cal McIntyre, Subdeacon Jim
Acolytes: Subdeacon Jim & ??
Epistle Reader: Peter Panagis
Ushers: Mary Kachoyeannos & Kim Treptow
Prosphora: Kh. Linda
Coffee: Sophia Schafer, Kh. Linda, Faye Shammo

St. Nicholas this weekend

God Bless who read this!
Tonight at 7:00 p.m. we are again having the small Paraklesis service to the Holy Theotokos. We had a good attendance on Wednesday evening and look forward to more attending in preparation for the Holy Dormition this coming week.
There has ben interest from those coming back from the camps to sing more in the camp style. I am very open to this -however the catch is that we need the campers both former and those who just returned to help us out. We need for the campers to help us with this. Which means that we need to have them at Divine Liturgy on time (like they did at camp). One of the first things we could begin doing is the responses in the languages used at camp. I am told that the best manner to communicate now is with texting, so could someone please forward this is a text to ANYONE who has ever been to either of the camps. Thank you.
I am also attaching the new volunteers list, which are also available in printed form at the back of the Church.
Volunteers this weekend:
Saturday Great Vespers: Cal McIntyre
Sunday Orthros: Cindi & Mike Huber
Acolytes: David Olnhausen, Ben Elchert
Epistle Reader: Cindy Figgatt
Ushers: Stephanie Dodge, David Schafer
Coffee: Marquard & Devine Families
 Come pray tonight.
Your servant,
Fr. David

St. Nicholas to host Pan-Orthodox Vesperal Celebration of the Triumph of Orthodoxy

CEDARBURG–St. Nicholas Church in Cedarburg will serve as host to area Orthodox churches with the annual Pan-Orthodox Vesperal Celebration of the Triumph of Orthodoxy, Sunday, March 20, at 6:00 p.m.  The Triumph of Orthodoxy commemorates the end of a period of deep controversy in early church history.

Imagine coming home one day to find someone had broken into your house and smashed or defaced all of your family photographs. How would you feel? Furthermore, what if you found out it was the authorities who did it, calling for the destruction of all such pictures, everywhere?

For over a century in the first millennium, beloved hand-painted pictures of spiritual fathers and mothers–holy icons–were destroyed by iconoclasts, or “icon smashers,” who believed their veneration to be a form of idol worship. This was very disturbing to the faithful.

“Icons are just like pictures of your family,” said Fr. Bill Olnhausen. “The love is the same.”
Many early icons, some written by the hands of the Apostles themselves, were destroyed in those years. People hid their precious icons away to protect them from the iconoclasts. The controversy led to the Seventh Ecumenical Council in Nicea in 797. Attended by 367 leaders from all five original equal patriarchates–Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople, and Rome–the Seventh was the last of the Ecumenical Councils held by the original unbroken church, and it restored the use of icons in services and the private devotional life of Christians. This was a great relief and remains a source of joy, commemorated by millions of faithful worldwide every year on the first Sunday of Lent.
In 797, “the Church was courageous enough to respond to the challenges of her times,” said the late Metropolitan Phillip in his historic 1984 sermon. The Council of 797 settled deep issues which drove the icon controversy, and which are important to remember, including: the true character of Christ’s human nature, the Christian attitude toward matter, the true meaning of Christian redemption, and the salvation of the entire material universe. The Council upheld the view of the iconodules–icon venerators–who proclaimed:

Icons… are to be kept in churches and honored with the same relative veneration as is shown to other material symbols, such as the ‘precious and life-giving Cross‘ and the Book of the Gospels.

Declared to be “open books to remind us of God,” icons are to be kept and used in churches and in homes, providing for a visual study of theology of the Christian religion. This ‘doctrine of icons’ is intrinsic to the Orthodox teaching that all of God’s creation is to be redeemed and glorified, both spiritual and material. Icons are necessary and essential because they protect the full and proper doctrine of the incarnation.

While God’s eternal nature cannot be depicted (“…no man has seen God,” John 1:18) the Council agreed He can be depicted in material images, precisely because He “became human and took flesh.” By His Incarnation, God deified matter, making it spirit-bearing. God proved that matter can be redeemed. If flesh can be a medium for the Spirit, the iconodules argued and the Council agreed, so, too, can wood or paint, although in a different fashion.

Concerning the charge of idolatry: Icons are not idols but symbols, therefore when an Orthodox venerates an icon, he is not guilty of idolatry. He is not worshipping the symbol, but merely venerating it. Such veneration is not directed toward wood, or paint or stone, but towards the person depicted. Therefore relative honor is shown to material objects, but worship is due to God alone.
We do not make obeisance to the nature of wood, but we revere and do obeisance to Him who was crucified on the Cross… When the two beams of the Cross are joined together I adore the figure because of Christ who was crucified on the Cross, but if the beams are separated, I throw them away and burn them.
I do not worship matter, but the Creator of matter, who for my sake became material and deigned to dwell in matter, who through matter effected my salvation.
—St. John of Damascus (c. 676-749)

The restoration of Icons.

Services on the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy, celebrated on the first Sunday of Great Lent, include the faithful triumphantly processing around the church, holding icons of their patron or parish saints. The Pan-Orthodox Vespers will be held at St. Nicholas at 6 pm. All are invited to stay for light refreshments afterwards in the fellowship hall.


The Historic 1984 Sermon on Sunday of Orthodoxy by Metropolitan Phillip.

Canons of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, 787

You are invited: Saint Nicholas’ GOT TALENT! Dinner & Show

Attention parish members, friends, and guests! You are cordially invited to dinner and a show hosted by members of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, on Saturday, evening March 5, which is the eve of Meatfare Sunday!

Dinner is $15 for adults, $5 for children ages 6 to 12.

If you can, join us for Vespers at 5, dinner at 6, and the show following!

Please share!

St. Nicholas’ Got Talent!   
Meatfare Sunday Eve Dinner and Show  
Saturday, March 5, 2016
Vespers @ 5 pm  Dinner & Show @ 6 pm

Come one, come all! Join the fun!
Note: this is not a contest!

What’s your talent?  
Calling all Saint Nicholas:
• Singers  • Storytellers  • Dancers  • Jugglers• Impressionists   • Cloggers  • Ventriloquists
• Poets  • Actors   • Instrumentalists
• and more!

Dinner: $15 for Adults   $5 Children ages 4-12

This is a Saint Nicholas Fun Raiser for charity!

Support St. Nicholas — get in our Talent Directory & Program Book!

Sign up today! (See sign up form) Note: Deadlines all extended to Sunday, 2/28/16
St. Nicholas Church • N65 W6503 Cleveland St. Cedarburg • Info: