St. Nicholas this week – Jan 15 2030

God Bless all who read this;
My apologies for not getting this out earlier but my keyboard needed to be replaced.
Some of you already know, but Archpriest Patrick Kinder passed away last night about 6;30 p.m. at home with his family. Memory Eternal!. Many of you had the opportunity to get to know Fr. Patrick, Kh. Vanessa and their son Anthony, through Camp St. George (IOWA!). The family had been here a few times before moving to Louisville.He was ordained here at St. Nicholas and Fr. Bill was one of his sponsors to the priesthood. So far there are varying accounts as to the time and day of the funeral. Once I know I will pass the information along. We will have a Trisagion this Sunday during Divine Liturgy.
Allan continues to improve and has been working diligently at recovery. All of our holiday travelers are back with Stephen and Vicky the last to come home.
Great Blessing of the waters-OUTDOORS. We have a dilemma as many people were not in church last week due to the cataclysmic, apocalyptic, world ending storm that never was. So this Sunday we have Cal MIntyre’s 80th birthday at coffee hour, the following week is our annual Business meeting and Hot Dog Sunday (January 26th ) and the following Sunday is the Feast of the Presentation  of Christ in the Temple. So we will do the outdoor blessing that day. It is actually the Feast the closes the Nativity cycle as we are going back to days after His birth on this Feast. MaryBeth and the school children thank you for adjusting your classes accordingly.
Signs will be posted at the front doors to please try to removes as much salt from your shoes as possible. We salt as far up as the solea last week. Understandably we have not had t worry about he snow until now.
If you have volunteered and are scheduled to serve in any capacity at a service please call a substitute rather than not just show up. Thank you.
Volunteers this weekend:
Great Vespers: Arthur Nimmer

Sunday: Matins Readers – Cal McIntyre, Subdeacon Jim

Acolytes – Subdeacon Jim & ? 
Epistle – Jeff Figgatt
 Ushers – Stephanie Dodge, Mary Kachoyeanos 
Prosphora – McIntyre-Olnhausen
Coffee Hour – Zoe Ganos, Katherine de Shazer, Kristen & Wilfred de Junco, Bill Dodge
 God willing we’ll see you all on Sunday.
Fr. David
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