St. Nicholas this week – Jan 2 2020

God Bless all who read this;
Blessed New Year to everyone! I know many have gone back to work and school, I pray the respite was good for your souls.
Please keep some men named Michel and another named Hanna in your prayers. Also Allan continues to amaze everyone -see prayer works. His speech is coming along as is his left side mobility. Marcia, is doing much better. Please keep Eddie & Jean in your prayers, it has been a rough time for them.
New Volunteers list out in the back of the Church, many thanks to those who have stepped forth as new volunteers and to those who continue to serve. Orthodoxy is not meant to be a “priest only” ministry but the entire community is to be involved. So God abundantly bless your ministries -yes it is a ministry to serve at Liturgical services.
Royal Hours this Friday (3rd) at 9:00 a.m. if you can come please do so in preparation for the Theophany. We are going to celebrate the Feast of the Theophany this weekend, beginning with Royal Hours on Friday, Great Vespers on Saturday and the actual Feast with the Great Blessing of the waters on Sunday. The actual feast falls on Monday but we have the pastoral option to move it to Sunday  – which we are doing so that everyone may attend. We’ll do the outdoor blessing the following week (weather permitting). If you have empty Holy Water bottles at home, please bring them to be filled.
Sunday for the Great Blessing of the Water we cold use a reader. Please let me know. Copies of the prayers will be in the back of the Church, these are beautiful prayers and if you wish take these home and use them during the year.
Peggy McIntyre is hosting a lunch for Cal’s 80th Birthday on January 19th. Please sign up on the bulletin board so she knows how much food to order.
House Blessings begin after the Theophany, please sign up or see Fr. David. Please do not wait until the last few weeks to sign up. Please see the newsletter as to why we bless our homes.
Thank you from both Fr. Bill, Kh. Dianna Kh. Linda and myself for the Christmas cards and gifts that you gave to us. They are greatly appreciated and we are blessed by everyone.
Saturday Great Vespers: Kh. Linda
Sunday Orthros: Cal McIntyre & Subdeacon Jim
Acolytes: Chris Panagis, Shafiq Kassees
Epistle: Lew Herro
Ushers: Dianna Sjoberg, David Olnhausen
Prosphora: I need to check the list!! but thanks we have plenty now in the freezer.
Coffee Hour: Kh. Dianna, Cal McIntyre, Nancy Sommer
God Bless your day!
Your servant,
Fr. David
P.S. Richard Travis God Grant You Many Years on your Birthday today!!
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