St. Nicholas this week – Jan 9 2030

God Bless all who read this;
“The Doors, The Doors!!” We are blessed to have the Royal Doors complete and in place. God Bless you Katherine for your hard work – you have blessed the parish for generations to come. The Royal Doors typically have the Annunciation on them. When the doors are opened the Kingdom is opened for us all to enter into proper worship at the altar of God, into the heavenly Kingdom.
Allan continues to improve and rumors have it he may be coming home in a few weeks.
This morning at the Syndesmos meeting we (St. Nicholas Church) were asked to host the Sunday of Orthodoxy on March 8, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.. Fr. Bill was chosen to give the homily.
OCWA (Orthodox Christina Women’s Association) Scholarship Dinner Thursday February 20th. Fr. Ciprian Sas from Annunciation Church is the guest speaker.
Please do not forget the IOCC Fundraiser February 1, 2020 at Ss.. Constantine & Helen Church. This too is considered a Pan-Orthodox event. Bring a friend and mark the dates for all of these events.
Snow this weekend: Ok so we have managed to “dodge the bullet” but this weekend looks like we are going to get something. I should manage to get into town for services this weekend, and unless you hear otherwise everything is being planned as taking place unless I send out a mail Saturday evening. However, please use common sense in trying to get to Divine Liturgy on Sunday. If the intention of your heart was to come and worship Him, He who knows all things understands, and is merciful.
Saturday Evening Great Vespers: Cal McIntyre
Sunday Orthros: Cindi & Mike Huber
Acolytes: David Olnhausen & ?
Epistle: Cindy Figgatt
Ushers: David & Sophia Schafer
Prosphora: Zoe Ganos (Zoe I am using the one in the freezer)
Coffee: Melody Dawood, Faye Mansour, Kh. Linda
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